An Easy-to-Use General-Purpose Documentation Processing Tool

Gouda is a small command-line program which generates easily-navigable html from a handful of Markdown-formatted text files. Under the hood it uses Pandoc to do the markdown ➞ html conversion.

Gouda is dirt-simple to use, and requires no configuration. You just run it in a directory containing Markdown-formatted text files (see more info for a few rules you’ve got to follow) and it does the rest.

Currently, it has only been tested to run on GNU/Linux.

Quick Usage

cd ~/my-project/docs
# gouda needs an index.md plus at least two other files.
touch index.md overview.md tutorial.md
# edit files

And point your browser to docs/index.html to see the results. (Note, this site was generated using Gouda.)

To upload your docs to a server, you might use rsync:

rsync -urv --delete /path/to/your-proj/docs you@remote:public_html/your-proj

That will put the local docs directory into the remote your-proj directory.


Gouda is copyright John Gabriele, 2013, and licensed under the GNU GPL.